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Two-component microfiber spunbonded spunlaced non-woven fabric process and equipment project passed expert appraisal

by:Sunshine     2020-04-26
This newspaper (Reporter Zhang maijian) In the near future, your clothing and sports shoes may be made of a two-component microfiber non-woven fabric. This material is not only beautiful and comfortable, but also durable, breathable and absorbent, and anti-mite. A few days ago, the two-component microfiber spunbonded spunlaced non-woven fabric process and equipment project jointly developed by Jiangxi Ji 'an Sanjiang super fiber non-woven Co. , Ltd. and Dalian Hualun Chemical Fiber Engineering Co. , Ltd. passed the expert group appraisal organized by China Textile Industry Association. The expert group believes that the project is a good project for process, technology and equipment integration innovation. It will hollow orange petal polyester PET/nylon PA6 (16 petals) Composite spinning direct net forming technology, double suction multi-stage swing wire forming technology, spunlaced reinforcement and one-time fiber opening technology are highly integrated, with short process flow and ultra-fine single fiber after fiber opening (Up to 0. 075D) The characteristics of high product strength, balanced vertical and horizontal strength ratio, advanced technology and stable spinning performance fill the gap in China's nonwoven products, and the technology and products are at the international leading level. Experts agree that the successful development of the project has improved the technical level of non-woven products and equipment in China and can promote the structural adjustment of textile products, it has a demonstration effect on technological progress and product upgrading in the industry. After nearly two years of research and research, the project undertaker gave guidance to Guo Hexin, honorary chairman of the China Industrial Textile Industry Association's textile branch, finally, the technical and technological difficulties of the two-component hollow orange petal microfiber spunbonded spunlaced nonwoven were overcome, and the installation and commissioning of the equipment were completed, and the indicators reached the expected goal. At present, the annual production capacity can reach 3000 tons. It is understood that after the first phase of the project is put into operation, Ji 'an Sanjiang super fiber non-spinning Co. , Ltd. and Dalian Hualun Chemical Fiber Engineering Co. , Ltd. plan to reinvest within 3 years. 0. 5 billion yuan, the construction of 8 production lines, the annual production capacity reached 30 thousand tons, to achieve sales revenue of 1. 5 billion yuan. Guo Hexin revealed to reporters that casual wear and sneakers made of this non-woven fabric have been available and are generally favored by users.
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