U. S. demand for non-woven fabrics exceeds 5 billion

by:Sunshine     2019-12-18
According to our report, the demand for non-woven coiled materials in the United States has increased by 4% every year in recent years and is expected to reach 5. 1 billion US dollars by 2009. According to the latest research results of Freedonia Group, spunbonded non-woven materials will still be the most important non-woven materials, and such products occupy an important position in several major markets such as baby diapers, it is expected that the output will be close to half of the total by 2009. In addition, the quantity and value of airflow mesh nonwoven materials will increase rapidly, which is also driven by the increase in the use of tarpaulin and sanitary products, and the price ratio is 1998 ~ The increase in 2004. The growth of disposable products for civilian use will continue to account for the majority of sales of US non-woven materials despite the slowdown in sales of diapers and women's sanitary products. (Fei Kexin)
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