U. S. wound care products market is growing fast

by:Sunshine     2019-12-21
Global Textile network, September 28-recently, it was reported that the sales volume of the US advanced wound care product market in 2008 was 3. 5 billion US dollars, which is expected to increase to 6 billion US dollars by 2013, with a combined annual growth rate of 11. 3%. At present, wound care dressings, sealing materials and anti-adhesion products have the largest market share, accounting for of the total revenue in 2008. 6%, reaching 1. 8 billion US dollars, which will grow to 3 billion US dollars in 2013, with a combined annual growth rate. 2%. This product includes biological dressings, surgical seals, synthetic dressings and other related products. New technologies and aging population are the main driving forces in the market for advanced wound care products. Because advanced care products can make wounds heal faster and reduce patient follow-up, they are still more attractive than traditional therapies.
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