US bio-plastic company develops bio-woven products

by:Sunshine     2019-12-17
Global Textile network, November 24-recently, NatureWorks company of the United States held the 2009 International non-woven fabric technology conference (INTC) It was announced that the company's two new low-carbon footprint Ingeo bio-based slices were officially commercialized. These two levels of slices can be used to produce blown non-woven products, which are widely used in paper towels and filtration products. Robert, director of fiber and non-woven products at NatureWorks? Mr. Green (Footgreen)Point out:' As the market pays attention to polymers manufactured with renewable resources, manufacturers of machinery and equipment and researchers in production processes have been exploring how to keep blown non-woven fabrics superior in function, it can also be superior to existing petroleum-based materials in terms of carbon emissions. ' It is reported that NatureWorks's downstream partner Biax- Fiberfilm passed the melt test of Ingeo materials at the beginning of this year. Researchers at the University of Tennessee's non-woven Research Laboratory also evaluated and confirmed that Ingeo is suitable for traditional melt-blown equipment and can be used as a substrate for manufacturing melt-blown non-woven fabrics. ' Our development and use of Ingeo as a substrate for blown non-woven fabrics greatly broadens the application field of this material. 'Biax-Doug, president of FiberFilm? Mr. Brown (Brown)Say,' Ingeo blown non-woven fabric can save 30% ~ 50% of the cost, at the same time, compared with petroleum-based products, it also has significant advantages in price stability. Ingeo mixed wood pulp also greatly improves the absorption performance of the material, making it suitable for a series of functional tissue products. 'Through this research and development work, Biax- FiberFilm company fully verified Ingeo? Find the performance of two levels of slices. In the process of meltblown, 6252D and 6201D both present a wide range of flexible use and produce high-quality fabrics to meet the needs of different application fields. The unique high-pressure mold design of Biax FiberFilm melt injection production line can handle Ingeo slices with higher viscosity, such as 6201D, which has better strength than fabrics produced by conventional melt injection equipment. The face of Ingeo melt-blown non-woven fabrics has brought more diversified products to the non-woven fabric market. It can be produced by using the main production technology, whether it is traditional combing into a net or spunbonded melt. Ingeo products are not only easy to use, but also reduce environmental damage.
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