Use and scope of PET polyester spunbonded non-woven fabric products

by:Sunshine     2020-05-08
Use and scope of PET polyester spunbonded non-woven fabric products 1. Non-woven fabric for clothing 1), Clothing, glove lining 2) , Shopping bags 3 flocking 2, leather, non-woven fabrics for shoes 1), Lining 2), Base cloth 3) , Middle lining material 3, household decoration, furniture non-woven fabric 1), Carpet and base cloth 2), Wall material 3), Furniture decoration 4), Spring cloth, isolation cloth 5), Bedding and curtains, curtain 6), Filter cloth 7)Transfer Printing 8) , Napkin, meal cloth, tablecloth 10), Electric blanket cloth 11), Combined wardrobe 12) , Sun umbrella cloth 4, medical and health non-woven fabric 1) , Tea bags, coffee bags 5, construction, civil engineering, non-woven fabrics for water conservancy 1), Drain board filter cloth 2), Anti-sludge drain pipe 4), Building waterproof material 5), Insulating cloth 6) Pipe cloth 6, non-woven fabrics for filtration materials, used for air, oil and other filtration. 7, industrial non-woven fabric 1), Coated cloth 2), Cable cloth 3), Battery diaphragm 4), Plastic reinforced cloth 5), Absorbing material 6) , Flame retardant cloth 8, non-woven fabric for automobile industry 9, non-woven fabric for packaging 10, non-woven fabric for agriculture and gardening 1), Insulation cover 2), Seedling cloth
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