( Usher in a wave of 'enjoying' textile market? But behind the prosperity is still crisis constantly! ]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-14
Recently, there is a wave of small rise textile market, upstream polyester silk prices and the falling of the grey, dye house delivery extension. 。 。 。 。 。 So-called have rise in price has hope, and what the market is a situation now? Dyeing and printing market: not all busy is the demand for dye house, by setting machine in the history. the restricting output 50%, yield reduced at a draught, and late comes at a time, the traders have to order in rushed next year chun xia, rare busy stage, dye house an notion of dye house is gradually enhanced. It is known that most of the dyeing factory will have holiday in early January, wujiang area stopped collecting grey at the end of December. We all know that a large part of the reason is that this wave of market environmental protection caused by distributed, compared to the real season, is also far. According to the dye house salesman reflect employees have started returning home, with fewer workers, dyeing progress will be slow. So, now is not the dye house delivery extension is driven by demand. And now many traders will delivery nervous orders for transfer to the history. the surrounding areas, such as in jiaxing and huzhou, so small make up that this wave of busy scene will not last for long. Fabric market, the raw material price increases, the falling of the grey, but demand is strong, everything is vain fabric market, the recent rebound slightly, because of raw materials rose last week, the price of the fabric finally stabilize, products, the elastic fabric, emulation silk series shipment is better. A home doing emulation silk manufacturers said: 'the recent business is good, we order has been abundant, has been to do next year, only less than a month of inventory in the factory now. The price, the price has dropped a lot this year, our price is steady now. 'Similarly, a dye house because of spandex is saturated, the color, so the 26 date will not be visible, the performance of the elastic fabric on the market at present is good too. But there are cloth boss said: 'we do imitation memory, now have no orders in hand, but also can't have a holiday, so early next year's inventory, production weavers when it trade'll try office proofing. 'Some porridge, some meat. It seems that the current is improving emulation silk, stretch fabrics, other varieties or performance. Clothing market this year the overall environment is bad, the market downturn, people's consumption concept is changing, buy clothes in reducing the number of the amount of orders the brands than usual, big into small single, small single into proofing, demand is weak, the whole industry chain business is influenced by a certain degree. At the same time, along with the textile market began to decline this year, each enterprise to Jonathan, will to some extent, allowing the customer credit, debt is intensified. But customers don't pay for a long time, the textile enterprise capital pressure is bigger, arrears can't take back, can be a problem of capital turnover. Transactions are arrears, grey cloth, but material need cash payment, moreover, the wages of workers is also a big head, for example, a 50 people in the factory, according to an average of 6000, a monthly salary is 300000, but 6000 is actually a very conservative figure. Textile mills of skilled workers more than 10000 now is not in the minority. For ministry of trade, the salesman is pressure of salary every month, by the end of the year according to the proportion of settlement of commission. And the rent, water and electricity, tax, how to calculate is not a small number. Once the money don't come back, the boss or to borrow money to pay, or only bankruptcy even run. Editorial to sum up, the textile market itself does not rebound, the wave of operation is only at the end of printing and dyeing factory environmental limit production that makes the market appears 'busy'. Plus the sino-us trade relations, and then years ago for tropical to good, that makes the market boost, but small make up think, don't be fooled, this wave of market present end demand does not improve, textile enterprises inventory is still high, next year, the textile market in busy season, it is still a unknown. Source: global textile net dongyang lai chi environmental protection technology co. , LTD. Has always been committed to medical non-woven, spun-bonded non-woven fabric, elastic non-woven, non-woven products research, development and production. Its production of elastic nonwovens product renewable source, recycling and reuse, can no longer worried about health problems.
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