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( Vietnam textile market, China's textile more opportunities than challenges! ]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-15
In recent years, Vietnam to meet free-trade agreement brings new opportunities, to cover the entire textile industry chain, constantly absorbing a lot of investment from home and abroad, for Vietnam's economic development plays an important role. Vietnam textile garment industry not only in quantity, but also on the quality of its growth. In China textile industry competition is intense, the rising cost of barrier, Vietnam, India and other countries of the cost advantage is emerging gradually, more and more equipment material selections of 'going out', the global textile industry transfer has become a boom to South Asia, southeast Asia region. Under this trend, China's textile industry inevitably faced with new challenges. Vietnam textile industry profile 1, the overall market environment is Vietnam's important economic industry, textile industry contribution to job creation and export plays an important role in Vietnam industrial 20% of jobs are created by the industry. Today's Vietnam textile and apparel market is very potential, with the comprehensive and progress the trans-pacific partnership agreement ( Referred to as CPTPP) Will take effect in Vietnam, Vietnam's economy is expected to increase by 1. 3%, the trade export growth of 4%. One of the important industry in economy, the textile clothing is also CPTPP zui big beneficiaries. The agreement comes into effect will be greatly reduced tariffs, promote export goods and market diversification, Vietnam's textile industry will be better and faster development. In addition, Vietnam is now in the period of 'demographic dividend', the average age of only 29 years old. The textile and garment industry labor market is greatly increased in quantity and quality, rapid development impetus for textile and garment enterprises. Can say, thanks to these new free-trade agreement, Vietnam textile and apparel market potential is unlimited, and developed with the trend of the rapid growth. 2, considerable export orders in Vietnam is recognized as the world's third largest exporter of clothing, textile is one of the important export products of Vietnam. Vietnam's textile and apparel exports the main market is USA, Europe, Japan and South Korea. Along with the continuously into Vietnam market in recent years, foreign investment, the Vietnam textile and garment enterprises considerable orders. Artificial instead of machine become inevitable trend along with the increase in garment factories and orders continued to climb, to reduce the production cost, higher production efficiency of all kinds of printing machine become a necessary choice of Vietnam textile and garment industry. Printed and digital printing machine because of its good effect, the use of digital printing has become a tendency in today's market. Traditional manual version printing cleaning when drainage, strict environmental protection policy of the textile industry in Vietnam, seeking to improve environmental protection technical processing capacity, with low energy consumption, low pollution mode of production to energy conservation and emissions reduction of digital printing equipment naturally has become the inevitable choice of the enterprise, it is also an important factor promoting artificial instead of machine. Into production, such as working, macros, etc. Now more and more enterprises have said will be more inclined to choose domestic well-known brand, think that China's printing equipment both quality and price advantages, equipment stable performance, cost-effective. Thanks to the superior location, machine maintenance and after-sales work can also be in place in time, the service is very perfect. As a result, they gave the Chinese printing equipment is very high reputation. 'Before, we don't consider domestic machines, but in recent years, domestic equipment has meet our requirements, such as printing speed, print effect, more important is stable. 'Domestic textile challenges the Vietnam textile and apparel market contains huge potential. According to the WTO, the international market of Chinese textile clothing export quotas, though still comfortably the world diyi, but declined since 2016. By contrast, India, Vietnam and Bangladesh textile clothing export quotas were increased. Vietnam improve faster, 2017 Vietnamese export quotas of 4. 6%; 2010 - 2017, Vietnam textile clothing export growth rate up to 17. 4% year-on-year, while China's average annual growth rate was only about 4. 4%. Will also benefit from the new trade agreement, Vietnam textile market will get more business opportunities, achieve better development. Faced with severe challenges brought by the Vietnam, the traditional advantage of the Chinese textile garment industry go from here? We believe that China's textile and clothing industry must face up to the Vietnam market trend of rapid development, the promotion transformation, the transition from 'big' to 'strong', in the high-end technology innovation, improve the ability of independent innovation. At the same time, in the face of severe challenges brought by the Vietnamese market, also need not pessimistic. Although China and these countries in the international export market in a competitive relationship, but at the same time also in the development of the industry chain to form the close relations of cooperation. On the one hand, by China's resource environmental bearing capacity is limited, the cost of production rise and domestic enterprises to speed up the internationalization development needs, in recent years, some Chinese enterprises in southeast Asia, South Asia and other investment to build a batch of yarn, garment processing production base, formed the industrial chain supporting cooperative relations with the domestic upstream and downstream enterprises, 'China southeast Asia' gradually into a new international pattern in the textile manufacturing industry in China. On the other hand, the national industrial system is not perfect, especially weak fabric, dyeing and finishing, equipment, etc, need to import a lot of fabirc and textile equipment from China, is one of the important growth drive the export of Chinese textiles and textile machinery power. So, the new free trade agreement, the domestic market should seize the opportunity, and, for those routes.
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