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( Viscose staple bottomed out, whether out of the plight of low]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-15
From the overall market in April, viscose staple fiber prices soared. As of April 16, 1. 2 d viscose staple domestic companies for an average of 12822 yuan/ton, a rise of 1 in the early. 76%, or 222 yuan/ton, fell 3. 67%. In the high-end companies offer - in 13000 About 13200 yuan/ton. The price rise, is a sign of viscose staple out of the dilemma, and continued downturn in front of a 'warming Yang'? Upstream raw materials weak run linter of weak market, affected by the downstream factory inspection, industry capacity utilization is not high. Shandong 3700 - long velvet price The 3050-3750 yuan/ton, xinjiang 3200 yuan/ton. Weak finishing market price of cotton pulp, east China mainstream pulp mill quotation unchanged at 7000 yuan/ton, near real single transaction center of gravity lower 6750 - 6800 yuan/ton. Domestic dissolving pulp market prices lower, pulp mill individual nominal quotation is 7100 - 7200 yuan/tons, real single transaction generally below 7000 yuan/ton, 6800 - 7000 yuan/ton have small single clinch a deal, also have a pulp mill prices strong mentality stalemate. Outside dish dissolving pulp market prices weak finishing, prophase leafy 870 - quotation 880 yuan/ton, market talks - 850 860 dollars/tons, acerola talks centre of gravity is 870 - $890 / ton. Distributed valuation short-term pressure relief in March 2019, viscose staple market price 12000 yuan/ton, there will be 1500 - preliminary estimates viscose staple fiber factory Loss 2000 yuan/ton, in a sense, viscose staple tons loss profit doubled. Originally the basic inventory up to 30 days, tons of loss in the case of 1000 yuan, viscose staple fiber industry factory will not consciously to the scheme of restricting output valuation to maintain confidence in the market. So at the end of march after their production in some factory, viscose short the market price is generally higher, industry to effectively transfer the inventory, the factory capital and inventory pressures ease, parts of viscose factory orders signed a month level. Lack of obvious real single support downstream people cotton downstream most breeds clinch a deal the atmosphere did not change obviously, combined with the main shipping mark held by the mills can be used to basic mid-may, part and current polyester viscose fabric, cotton trading slowed, yarn prices for new single pick is obviously inadequate, viscose staple rayon market's price phenomenon is still exist, but apparent lack of a single solid support. Above all, viscose staple fiber industry after the big transfer stock, some factories were in a mindset that offer common pull up, real order no 3 - single terminal Season in April, expected short-term 'prosperity', and if the new price has not been for a long time, and no new positive stimulus, center of gravity does not exclude the restore down late price. Dongyang lai chi environmental protection technology co. , LTD, is a critically acclaimed non-woven fabric manufacturer, specializing in the production sales: non-woven fabric, elastic nonwoven, spun-bonded non-woven fabrics, medical non-woven fabric.
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