Wall cool European non-woven wallpaper, expensive price is unreasonable?

by:Sunshine     2020-04-24
Compared with pure paper wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper has better wear resistance and waterproof moisture resistance. The surface is made of natural fiber non-woven, the tension is stronger and the toughness is good, and the bottom layer of the paper base ensures environmental protection. To sum up, the advantages make it very popular in high-end home decoration, while the common European style in non-woven wallpaper is more luxurious. Today, we will evaluate a cool European non-woven wallpaper to see if it is as good as rumors! Product Display: evaluation brand: Wall cool evaluation product: Wall cool European non-woven wallpaper Reference Price: 702 yuan/Roll product material: non-woven fabric, paper-based product specifications: 0. 7*10M evaluation details: 1, European style appearance first of all, the home online Xiaobian depends on the appearance design of the wallpaper. The dark basic color is printed with a classic European-style big flower pattern, which uses the shades of the same series of colors to create a three-dimensional effect, and the fluorescent effect on the wallpaper surface can also be seen under the light. The same wallpaper is available in purple and black. Purple looks softer, while black is more solemn. 2, the wallpaper smells tasteless, from the back to see the paper base is thinner, then Xiaobian picks up the wallpaper and turns to the back to see, you can see that the color of the non-woven layer presents a dark color mark through the thin paper base, the first visual effect is that the paper base is thin. Then, Xiaobian asked the evaluator to smell the smell of the wallpaper. She said that there was no special smell. 7, combustion test is also to further determine the basic material and environmental protection of the wallpaper. Pure paper wallpaper burns less smoke, ashes are grayish white, and fingers are lightly twisted to form powder; The Wall-cool non-woven wallpaper is a fire, but the Ashes are black and not easy to smash. Overall, it can be judged that its environmental protection is far from pure paper wallpaper. 8, soaking test Xiaobian tore the wallpaper into two small pieces, one of which was soaked in water, two hours later took out and compared with the dry wallpaper, found that there is no change in color, just wet wallpaper can be easily separated from the cut surface, that is, the paper base layer and the injection layer are separated, and the sticker in the middle of the two layers can be felt. After the non-woven fabric is soaked, it will not be as bad as paper. The above picture shows the appearance of pure paper wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper after soaking in water. Evaluation Summary: Wall cool non-woven wallpaper surface pattern is a classic European style big flower, Deep Purple and Black look solemn and elegant, very suitable for high-end home improvement. After evaluation, it was found to have the following characteristics: 1. The wallpaper paper base is not thick, but it smells like nothing. 2, the surface is not wear-resistant, in order to product life and aesthetics, usually need to pay attention to maintenance. 3, anti-fouling is good, pencil marks can be easily erased, rubber will not hurt the color. 4. The printing pattern thread will seep water, with good air permeability and poor water resistance. 5, the pull test shows that the wall cool wallpaper toughness is good. 6. The combustion test proves that its environmental protection is not as good as that of pure paper products. 7. For its performance, the price is too high.
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