Wallpaper industry 'metabolism' seamless wall covering emerging

by:Sunshine     2020-04-25
The China seamless wall covering Industry Alliance and Sustainable Development Summit Forum sponsored by China home decoration Building Materials Association was held in Beijing recently, at which the 'Top ten fashion brands in China's wall covering industry 2013' was announced ', six of the brands came from Ke Qiao. Seamless wall covering is a kind of wall covering. It is a new wall covering product developed by Ke Qiao in recent years. It is designed according to the height of indoor wall surface, wall covering can be pasted as a whole according to the circumference of the indoor wall, so only one piece of cloth is needed for a room without splicing. It has many characteristics such as ultra-high width, seamless, green and environment-friendly, moisture-proof and breathable, tensile and wear-resistant, sound-absorbing and heat-insulating, easy care and low loss. Four years ago, some textile enterprises in Ke Qiao were inspired by curtain fabrics and developed this novel wall covering. After Ke Qiao pioneered seamless wall covering, it quickly spread out throughout the country. Many enterprises in Ke Qiao also rely on seamless wall covering technology to connect with internationally renowned wallpaper wall covering brands, thus rapidly expanding the international market of seamless wall covering. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently 200 well-known wallpaper and wall covering enterprises in Ke Qiao. Most of the enterprises that take the lead in producing and operating seamless wall covering are textile enterprises that have transformed from embroidery and home textiles. Because wall covering belongs to terminal products, the company has started brand operation one after another, the research and development, design, production, sales and post-soft clothing service follow-up of wallpaper are regarded as an important direction in the company's business strategy. Newlever decorative Materials Co. , Ltd. in Ke Qiao Economic and Technological Development Zone is a large-scale production enterprise specializing in the production and operation of fashion wall covering. Xu Mingyong, head of the company, told reporters that in the early years, the company was mainly engaged in textile trade. More than two years ago, he independently developed a novel seamless wall covering and obtained a patent. At present, the company has two wallpaper wall covering brands, 'Milan shangxiu' and 'newlever. The former is a self-owned brand, and 'newlever' is a brand introduced by Italy. Not long ago, the company's 'newlever' wall covering was selected as 'Top ten fashion brands of seamless wall covering in China '. In order to provide supporting services to the brand, the company has also set up a soft-fitting design company. In the past two years, the company's product market has spread rapidly, doubling its annual output value. In the view of many textile business owners, textiles and wall cloths are interlinked in technology. Entering the wallpaper and wall covering industry is to transform and upgrade and increase the added value of products. Li Weixiong is a cloth merchant in Textile City. He operated embroidery in his early years and created two brands of 'new country embroidery' and 'kafulai'. Two years ago, he established xinweisi wallpaper Co. , Ltd, from Europe, we acquired three wallpaper and wall cloth brands such as 'brutse' to form a model of foreign research and development, domestic processing and simultaneous sales in domestic and foreign markets. With the development of Ke Qiao wall covering industry, the influence of Ke Qiao wallpaper wall covering industry in the country has been continuously improved. Last year, Ke Qiao wall covering enterprises formulated the industry standard of seamless wall covering as the main participants, submitted to the relevant State departments for approval. The relevant person in charge of the China Decoration Association said that the Keqiao wall covering industry has become a leading team in the industry.
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