Wallpaper pvc is good or non-woven, non-woven wallpaper is good?

by:Sunshine     2020-04-25
Wallpaper pvc is good or non-woven fabric is good? How about non-woven wallpaper? Wallpaper on the market has many colors and materials. PVC, non-woven fabrics and pure paper are the most commonly used ones. The price of non-woven fabrics is the highest, followed by PVC and pure paper. PVC wallpaper is to cover a layer of PVC plastic film on the wallpaper base or spray paste resin coating on the base. Waterproof and moisture-proof, durable, easy to maintain, contaminated can be lighter and easy to scrub clean. The price of domestic PVC wallpaper is 20 yuan-30 yuan/square meter. However, it is worth noting that the permeability deviation of PVC material is prone to mildew when it is laid in humid environment for a long time. The birth of non-woven wallpaper broke the embarrassing situation that wallpaper was easy to mold. It is understood that non-woven fabrics are called 'breathing wallpaper' by the industry because of their material characteristics, such as moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light weight, easy decomposition, non-toxicity and no irritation ', it is the most popular new green and environment-friendly material in the world at present. Non-woven fabrics can be made of both base materials and surface materials. What we call non-woven wallpaper, Base Materials and Surface materials are made of non-woven fabrics. The price of domestic wallpaper is 40 yuan per square meter-Between 50 yuan. Manager Liang said that non-woven wallpaper is a low-key luxury, and when redecorating the wall, the wallpaper can be stripped as a whole, and there is no need to soak it with water before paving. The raw materials of non-woven fabrics and PVC are completely different, and the manufacturing process is also different, so the advantages and disadvantages cannot be generalized. It should be different. The raw materials of non-woven fabrics are natural cotton wool and hemp silk pressed by high temperature non-woven. The air permeability is very good. The industry calls it a breathing wallpaper. It is generally better in the bedroom, because the bedroom sleeps at night and closes the window, there is no air circulation, and the non-woven fabric will not feel suffocating. The wallpaper material made of PVC is polyethylene, and its air permeability is slightly worse than that of non-woven fabrics. However, from the point of view of management, PVC is much more rational and can be scrubbed with water, generally, it is more attached to the living room, because the living room is the place where we meet, it is generally easier to dirty, so the wallpaper that is well managed by PVC is a little bit. ( PVC wallpaper has a very cheap one, it is PVC material, the chlorine inside is toxic, so be careful when buying. )
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