Water-soluble non-woven into development stage

by:Sunshine     2020-02-13
Recently, Donghua University, Japan keleli and Shaoxing Yaolong Textile Technology Co. , Ltd. signed an agreement to jointly develop water-soluble non-woven fabrics. According to reports, this soluble resin called EXCEVALTM is combined with other resins such as polypropylene or PE, PA, etc, the process is to use split composite spinning plate for two-component spinning on spunbond or melt-blown nonwoven equipment, one component is PP (Or PE, PA) The other component is EXCEVALTM. According to keleli, EXCEVALTM can be dissolved in water below 90 ℃. In addition, the resin can be biodegradable, absorb water, and is hydrophilic with PP (Or PE, PA)After compounding, it has thermal adhesion. Since the melting point is similar to the decomposition point, it is difficult to process and decompose. By improving production, the product can be hot-melt and dissolved in water. This non-woven fabric is made up of microfiber, and its water absorption performance is much better than that of ordinary textile fabrics. Although its weight is lighter, its strength can still be equivalent to that of conventional textile fabrics. According to keleli, this kind of textile cloth can be widely used in agriculture, clothing, beauty mask, battery diaphragm, functional rubbing cloth, filter materials and so on. (Zhao Chaoqun)
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