Waterproof non-woven fabric, material characteristics of waterproof non-woven fabric

by:Sunshine     2019-11-22
Waterproof non-woven fabric is good, the material characteristics of waterproof non-woven fabric: light weight, good strength, good waterproof performance, strong compatibility, strong UV-resistant linear performance with pigment ink, can be used outdoors, no need to film in the house for a short time, pearl canvas material feels soft and feels like natural silk. Its large amount of ink absorption and soft color performance, non-reflective, waterproof performance is good. It is used for various indoor photo machines, water-based ink, and pigment ink is suitable for long-term preservation. Scope of use: used for various portraits, posters and POP paintings, commercial exhibition charts, banners and long-term signs, art photos, wedding photography, commercial and civilian use, interior decoration and studio background production, etc.
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