Wenzhou yongdeli has high energy consumption

by:Sunshine     2020-01-28
Spunbonded non-textile fabric is a process with high power consumption in various non-woven fabric production methods. Most factories consume about 1000 degrees of electricity per ton of viscose cloth, and energy-saving factories also need 600-About 700 degrees. Wenzhou yongdeli company has been ahead of the whole industry in terms of power consumption in recent years. The power consumption per ton of spunbond cloth is only 400 degrees, 1/3 less than that of other factories-1/2. Wenzhou yongdeli company first changed all the motors of the whole plant to variable frequency motors, completely changing the phenomenon of the previous Malaysian car. The second is central heating. The company has four polypropylene spunbond production lines. They change all four spinning boxes and four sets of hot rolling mills to heat with high temperature oil. The heating system is heated by a small boiler and burns coal every day. 5 tons, worth 700- In 800 yuan, the daily output of the four Spunbonded Nonwoven production lines is about 32 tons, with an average coal consumption of only more than 20 yuan per ton of products; In addition, 400 kilowatt-hours of electricity cost about 250 yuan, so yongdeli's energy consumption cost per ton of spunbond cloth is only over 270 yuan.
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