What are the differences between hard and soft materials for non-woven bags?

by:Sunshine     2020-05-21
When it comes to environmental protection bags, the first choice is definitely non-woven bags, because non-woven fabrics have largely replaced plastic bags and become recognized environmental protection bags today. The finished non-woven fabric is rich in color, bright and bright, fashionable and environmentally friendly, widely used, beautiful and generous, with various pictures and styles, light in weight, environmentally friendly and recyclable, it is recognized by the world as an environmentally friendly commodity that protects the Earth's ecology. In the days of entertaining customers, there will be customers who will ask from time to time -? Your fabric is soft material and hard material. I will reply that our bags are all made of soft material. What is the difference between the soft material and the hard material of the non-woven bag, today, Luohe Yilin non-woven fabric came to us and said; Non-woven fabrics can have many kinds of fabrics, including new materials, general materials, peritoneal materials, and so on. In terms of the feel, it is also the difference between soft and hard. Nowadays, the hard data on the market is a little more. The original fabric should be soft or hard to be reached by controlling the temperature during the production process. The materials produced at high temperatures are soft, and the opposite will be hard. The soft material feels very soft, close to the real knitted fabric, the fabric has good patience, strong tensile strength, and is not easy to tear, but the fabric is soft and the feel will be thin in the future. The fabric is hard. In the future, the fabric with the same weight should be thicker than the material. Many bad non-woven bag manufacturers use this to cut corners. Because the non-woven fabric is also produced from plastic particles, if it is too hard to pull, it is not obvious, and it is very simple to crack. Therefore, when the customer customizes the non-woven bag, he must first position his own request. If the color feels like the surface, then the hard fabric is made. If the bearing capacity and pulling force of non-woven fabric bags are more favored, soft materials are generally selected, which requires their firmness to be very good. The difference between the soft material and the hard material of the non-woven bag is the end of our analysis. In the future, when you make the bag, you must ask the manufacturer whether the soft material is still hard.
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