What fabric is non-woven fabric?

by:Sunshine     2020-03-10
What fabric is non-woven fabric? Wufang Zhigu non-woven fabric non- Woven fabric is a textile made from textile fiber through bonding, melting or other chemical and mechanical methods. This kind of textile does not go through the traditional spinning, weaving or knitting process, also known as non-woven fabric and non-woven fabric. Non-woven fabrics began industrial production in the 1940s s and developed rapidly due to high output, low cost and wide application range. Non-woven fabrics are divided into two categories: thin and thick. Thin weight is generally 20 ~ 100 g/m ( , Used as clothing lining decorative cloth, handkerchief, women's sanitary products, etc; Thick type used as particles, carpets, filter materials, geotextiles (Lujibu) , Etc. , can also be used to make materials for special purposes such as heat insulation, ventilation, heat resistance, wear resistance, sound insulation, shockproof, anti-virus, radiation protection, etc. The production technology of non-woven fabrics originated from paper making and felt making. The early non-woven fabrics were pressed with waste cotton or textile mill scraps after treatment as low-grade pads or warm materials. Since the 1950s S, chemical fibers have been greatly developed, and the production technology of non-woven fabrics has also been improved. Acupuncture, tufting, sewing and other technologies have been adopted one after another. The output of non-woven fabrics of natural fibers and chemical fibers has greatly increased, the use is also becoming more and more extensive. The manufacturing methods of non-woven fabrics are divided into two categories: dry and wet. In the dry process, the fiber raw materials are first loosened, mixed and combed on cotton spinning or wool spinning equipment to make fiber nets, and then made into non-woven fabrics by means of sticky synthetic cloth, mechanical cloth or spinning cloth. Fiber mesh has Parallel mesh formation, staggered mesh formation, airflow mesh formation and other methods. Parallel into a net by 1 ~ The fiber nets output by the two carding machines overlap in parallel for many times to form fiber nets arranged vertically. The non-woven fabric made of this fiber mesh has high longitudinal strength and low transverse strength. Interlaced mesh is to fold the fiber mesh output by the carding machine into a certain layer of fiber mesh through the mesh curtain, and the fibers are basically arranged horizontally. The airflow forming net is to agglomerate the combed single fiber on the output mesh belt to form a fiber mesh. Due to the irregular arrangement of the fibers, the vertical and horizontal breaking strength of the non-woven fabric is roughly the same. In addition, the combed fibers can be stacked into quantitative fiber Flos, which are stretched into a net by several pairs of sawtooth rollers, and the fibers are randomly arranged in the Flos.
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