What is Hot Air non-woven fabric?

by:Sunshine     2020-05-02
Hot air non-woven fabric belongs to hot air bonding (Hot rolling, hot air) One of the non-woven fabrics, hot air non-woven is a non-woven fabric formed by using the hot air on the drying equipment to penetrate the fiber net after the fiber is combed. Hot air bonding principle hot air bonding refers to the production mode of bonding by using hot air to penetrate the fiber net on the drying equipment to make it heat and melt, and the heating mode adopted is unreasonable, the performance and style of the products produced are also different. General hot air bonding products have the characteristics of fluffy, soft, good elasticity and strong warmth retention, but the strength is low and easy to deform. One-step process of production process: unpacking, mixing, unpacking, vibration and quantitative feeding of cotton, double Xilin and double doffer, wide-width and high-speed combing into a net, hot air oven, automatic winding, slitting and two-step method: open loose cotton mixing → cotton feeding machine → carding machine → net laying machine → main carding machine → hot air oven → winding machine → slitting machine production process and product hot bonded nonwoven can be realized by different heating methods. The bonding method and process, fiber type, carding process and fiber mesh structure will eventually affect the performance and appearance of non-woven fabrics. For fiber nets containing low melting point fibers or two-component fibers, hot rolling bonding or hot air bonding can be used. Hot-rolled bonding can be used for ordinary thermoplastic fibers and their fiber nets mixed with non-thermoplastic fibers. The application of hot air bonding products has the characteristics of high fluffiness, good elasticity, soft hand feeling, strong warmth retention, good ventilation and water permeability, but its strength is low and it is easy to deform. With the development of the market, hot air bonding products are widely used in the manufacture of disposable products with their unique style, such as baby diapers, adult loss pads, fabrics for women's sanitary products, napkins, bath towels, disposable tablecloths, etc; Thick products are used to make winter clothes, bedding, baby sleeping bags, mattresses, sofa cushions, etc. High-density hot-melt bonding products can be used to make filter materials, sound insulation materials, shock-absorbing materials, etc.
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