What is medical non-woven fabric and what material is used for medical and health non-woven fabric?

by:Sunshine     2020-05-06
What is medical non-woven fabric? What materials are used for medical and health non-woven fabrics? Medical non-woven fabrics are mainly disposable articles, which must be used for treatment and diagnosis, as well as medical protective clothing, incontinence articles, Shell surgery and wards. The articles became well sold during SARS in 2003, goods in short supply. Guangdong, where the non-woven fabric industry is developed, has independently researched and developed disposable medical protective clothing, which has been approved by the provincial drug supervision and has become one of the best enterprises in the same industry in China. However, medical non-woven raw materials still rely on imports and cannot produce raw materials independently, which brings certain difficulties to SARS prevention and control in China. In the first half of 2003 alone, the domestic non-woven spunlace and spunbond production capacity grew by more than 40%. SARS has promoted the development of various medical protective articles for isolation suits and masks. It has successively introduced melt-blown nonwoven and spunbond, melt-blown composite nonwoven SMS, SMMS isolation suits and masks, spunbond nonwoven and TPU moisture permeable film, as well as various microporous laminating products. In SARS, the total consumption of medical sanitary non-woven fabrics increased by 13% over the previous year.
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