What is the application range of PET polyester non-woven fabrics?

by:Sunshine     2021-04-11
Pet polyester non-woven fabric is a kind of fabric that does not need to be spun and weaving, but the short fibers or filaments are oriented or randomly arranged to form a web structure. PET polyester non-woven fabric is a kind of water-repellent non-woven fabric. The water-repellent properties of non-woven fabrics vary according to the gram weight. The larger the weight, the better the water-repellent performance. So do you know where it is generally used?

Application range of PET polyester non-woven fabric:
1. Home textiles: velvet-proof lining, heat transfer printing, non-woven calendars, office document hanging bags, curtains, vacuum cleaner bags, disposable garbage bags.
2. Packaging: cable wrapping, handbag, container bag, wrapping material, desiccant, adsorbent packaging material.
3. Decoration: wall decoration cloth, floor leather base cloth, flocking base cloth.
4. Agriculture: agricultural harvest cloth, crop and plant protection, weed protection belt, fruit growing bag, etc.
5. Waterproof material: high-grade breathable (wet) waterproof material base cloth.
6. Filtration: filtration of transmission oil.
7. Industrial applications: filter materials, insulating materials, electrical appliances, reinforcement materials, support materials.

PET polyester non-woven fabric is made by melt spinning, high-speed drawing, cooling and crystallization. It has the characteristics of strong tensile force, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, stability and good air permeability. These characteristics can also reflect its application. The field is wide.
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