What is the difference between non-woven bag new material and recycled material?

by:Sunshine     2020-05-22
New granular material, this fabric is produced with 100% granular particles. This fabric has good gloss, strong pulling force and uniform fabric. A non-woven fabric with a small portion of the return or filler, this non-woven fabric has poor gloss and is easy to tear, it is not surprising that the new material and the returned material are mixed together in the production process after being mixed with part of the returned material, so the produced fabric is not uniform. For example, 80 grams of non-woven fabric is 100 grams on one side and 60 grams on the other side. Hebei Zhongxin packaging tips: As the saying goes: one point for the price, do not blindly reduce the price, the price will be reduced while the quality of the product will also decline, it is best to choose a strong manufacturer cooperation
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