What is the difference between non-woven fabrics and woolen fabrics?

by:Sunshine     2020-04-12
What is the difference between non-woven fabrics and woolen fabrics? I believe most people will confuse the two. In fact, the two materials are very well distinguished. Let's take a closer look at the difference between the two materials. Non-woven fabric, also known as non-woven fabric, is a new type of environmentally friendly material with many characteristics such as breathable, water-resistant, flexible, flame-retardant, non-toxic and non-irritating, and rich in color. If the non-woven fabric is placed outdoors and naturally decomposed, its longest life is only 90 days, and it is placed indoors for a maximum decomposition time of 5 years. Non-woven fabrics are non-toxic and tasteless, and there is no legacy. Its characteristics ensure the environmental protection of non-woven fabrics, and the key is to wash them. Non-woven fabric is a new type of fiber product, which is directly formed by polymer slices, staple fibers or filaments through various fiber mesh forming methods and consolidation techniques, and has a soft, breathable and planar structure. The dust-free cloth is made of 100% polyester fiber double weaving. The surface is soft, easy to wipe sensitive surface, friction does not remove fiber, and has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. The cleaning and packaging of the dust-free cloth produced by Ruicheng sweater factory are completed in the ultra-clean workshop. Felt cloth: Felt is made of natural wool, which is machined and bonded by the shrinkage characteristics of wool (Non-warp and weft interweaving). The main features are as follows: it is elastic and can be used as a material for shockproof, sealing, gasket and elastic steel wire needle cloth bottom felt. Good adhesion, not easy to loose, can be punched into parts of various shapes. Good thermal insulation performance, can be used as thermal insulation material. Tight tissue, small pores, can be used as a good filter material. Good wear resistance, can be used as polishing material. It is elastic, so it is bonded by the principle of shrinkage. After the shrinkage is bonded, the density and specifications can be used separately. Due to the compact density and stable performance of felt, various felt parts can be stamped and produced. Felt has good telescopic behavior, and can reach the specified length of leather rolling belt and paper suction belt. Felt has good warmth retention and can be made into felt insoles of various specifications. Felt has moisturizing properties and elasticity, which can be made into automobile door and window sealing strips and central door and window sealing strips. It is not woven, so it has good filtration and can be used for oil absorption. Felt is mostly used under the oil drum of the ship to keep the ship clean. The above is the introduction of the difference between non-woven fabric and felt cloth. To learn more about non-woven fabric and felt cloth, please pay attention to 258 enterprise service platform.
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