What is the difference between non-woven wallpaper and pure paper wallpaper? Which is better, non-woven wallpaper or pure paper wallpaper?

by:Sunshine     2020-04-06
What is the difference between non-woven wallpaper and pure paper wallpaper? Which is better, non-woven wallpaper or pure paper wallpaper? Pure paper wallpaper is cheaper, has poor performance, is not moisture resistant, is not water resistant, cannot be scrubbed, causes a lot of inconvenience after decoration, non-woven wallpaper, has good effect and strong visual impact. The biggest defect of this kind of wall cloth is that it is easy to hang ash and clean and maintain, and the price is high; The other is the glass fiber wall cloth painted on the surface, which can be widely used in various places, with crack prevention function and convenient color replacement. General Wall covering will be more expensive than general wallpaper. 1. Full paper wallpaper, also known as paper-based wallpaper? That is, ordinary wallpaper. This is the earliest wallpaper, the price is relatively cheap, and there are very few on the market. There are mainly wood grain patterns, marble patterns, embossed patterns and so on. Due to the poor performance of this wallpaper, it is not moisture-resistant, water-resistant, and cannot be scrubbed. After decoration, it causes a lot of inconvenience, and it is likely to be eliminated by naughty in the future. 2. Fabric wallpaper, which is a higher variety in the wallpaper family. It is mainly a wallpaper made of silk, wool, cotton, hemp and other fibers, which has the characteristics of elegant color and soft texture. Among them, non-woven wall covering is a new type of higher-grade decorative material made of natural fibers such as cotton and hemp or synthetic fibers, which are formed by non-woven molding, resin coating and color pattern printing. It has the characteristics of crisp, not easy to break, elastic, smooth surface and cashmere wool. At the same time, it has bright color, elegant pattern, not easy to fade, has certain air permeability and can be scrubbed. Brocade wall covering is a more advanced one, requiring colorful, elegant and exquisite patterns to be woven on satin bottoms of more than 3 colors. Brocade wall covering is soft and easy to deform and expensive, and is suitable for interior high-grade decorative decoration. Many people want to deal with the rich and prominent styles when decorating the walls of the room. The most economical thing is to choose the wallpaper of personality (Wallpaper)Yes. Wallpaper on the market (Wallpaper) There are many kinds and styles, which can basically meet the requirements of consumers.
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