What is the lining composition? What is the difference between a woven fabric and a non-woven fabric?

by:Sunshine     2020-05-29
What is lining cloth? What is the lining composition? Lining cloth, also known as adhesive lining, is mainly used in clothing collar, cuffs, bag mouth, skirt waist, garment edge and suit chest, and generally contains Hot Melt Adhesive coating. According to the difference of base cloth, the adhesive lining cloth is mainly divided into two types: spinning lining cloth and non-woven lining cloth. First, non-woven lining cloth, as the name implies, is a cloth formed without textile. Process principle: the chemical fiber viscose is formed by high temperature and high pressure to form a base cloth. Then a layer of hot melt adhesive is applied to the surface of the base cloth by the coating machine, and then the non-woven lining cloth we use is formed by drying. Usage: Place the adhesive side of the lining on the fabric, and then heat it with a binder or iron to melt the adhesive on the lining to achieve the effect of bonding to the fabric. Features: cheap, soft to the touch, but not very washable ( There will be requirements for the temperature of water, which is normally only resistant to less than 70 degrees) Second, there is a textile lining cloth. The commonly used equipment is a key Rod loom and a water jet loom. The polyester is made into a base cloth by textile. The base fabric with textile lining is divided into woven or knitted. The knitted lining is also called: knitting is simple, and the knitted fabric is generally divided into two types, two-sided elastic knitted lining, and the elastic knitted lining, the width of lining cloth is usually 110 and 150. Spinning lining cloth now uses PA coating. In the past, it was usually powdered glue used in the market. It is characterized by large amount of glue and simple production process. The disadvantage is that the amount of glue is large and it is easy to produce glue penetration. It has been eliminated now. At present, the most advanced is the double-point process of No Foundation slurry, which is characterized by easy control of gluing, strong adhesion, water resistance and other special treatments. It is now used by most manufacturers. Spinning lining cloth is characterized by strong strength, good elasticity and water resistance.
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