What is ultrasonic non-woven fabric? Use of ultrasonic non-woven fabric

by:Sunshine     2019-12-10
Ultrasonic non-woven fabric is what non-woven fabric? Ultrasonic non-woven fabric is an ultrasonic welding machine Series machine developed by using ultrasonic principle and using non-woven fabric as material. This series of machines make non-woven fabric materials into various products needed. Ultrasonic non-woven fabric is made of non-woven fabric, no needle and thread, no glue paste, only ultrasonic fusion of non-woven fabric, saving process, wireless stitching, beautiful and elegant. Non-woven fabrics are refined by ultrasonic mechanical equipment cutting, wireless sewing, wire pressing and other processes; And there are no drapes or burrs. Use of ultrasonic non-woven fabric: 1. Non-woven reusable shopping bags ( Widely used in shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, reusable shopping bags); 2, non-woven suit dust cover, non-woven wardrobe, non-woven storage bag, field dining non-woven apron and sleeve, non-woven clothing bag; 3, hotel supplies or home travel supplies: disposable slippers, beach shoes, sauna bathrobes, briefs, laundry bags, newspaper paper bags, shoe bags, tea plate mats and other non-woven environmental protection products.
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