What kind of cloth is coated non-woven fabric?

by:Sunshine     2020-01-30
What kind of cloth is coated non-woven fabric? Coated non-woven fabrics are also called coated composite non-woven fabrics. This kind of fabric is a new type of fabric. The so-called coated non-woven fabric is a product formed by coating a layer of plastic film on the non-woven fabric, which is usually coated on the non-woven fabric by high temperature heating into hot melt. Or PP non-woven fabric is added with a layer of PE material; It can also be interpreted as color printing film, which is bonded to non-woven fabrics and is rich in color. The coated composite non-woven fabric has a feel more than the composite non-woven fabric, and the texture of the touch is more realistic than the laser composite non-woven fabric. This is a new variety! Specially made good materials for environmental protection bags! The necessary choice for packaging. Mainly in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hebei, Beijing, Sichuan, these popular locations have covered many bag manufacturers. Already covered the whole country! In Europe and America! This kind of bag fabric is very popular. Mainly in Guangzhou manufacturers produce more; Products are: coated non-woven laminating materials (Square pattern, crocodile pattern, snake skin pattern, needle hole pattern). Color printed peritoneal materials, transparent OPP Film, PET film, aluminized film. Diverse styles, exquisite workmanship, trusted by our customers! The products sell well all over the country and all over the world. Because of the bright color and high-grade texture of laser non-woven fabrics, they are deeply loved by people! Therefore, it is widely used in all aspects of life: environmentally friendly bags, shoes, clothing, jewelry, alcohol, shopping bags, home textiles, and the outer packaging of medium and high-end gifts, shiny and bright, fashion trend! The main weight is 40-220g is mainly wide at 30- 160 composite non-woven fabric is a new packaging material. It can carry out various kinds of composite treatment on non-woven fabrics and other fabrics, such as coating treatment, hot pressing treatment, glue spraying treatment, ultrasonic treatment, etc, through composite treatment, two or three layers of fabrics can be combined together to produce products with special functions, such as high strength, high water absorption, high barrier resistance, high static water pressure, etc. Composite materials have been widely used in medical, health, protection, industry and automotive industry. Film composite non-woven fabric film composite non-woven fabric laser non-woven fabric highlights non-woven fabric Matt non-woven fabric are composite non-woven fabric! Most of them are composite two-layer fabrics, and the three-layer fabric has one more process than the two-layer fabric. Note: there was still a name called peritoneal non-woven fabric before composite non-woven fabric, which is also composite, such as the picture in the lower right corner. It's all the names of processing and manufacturing! This variety of non-woven fabrics is used to make environmentally friendly bag materials, or sunscreen film for cars. There is also a gold-wrapped tree non-woven fabric for opening the store! Are you looking for: coated non-woven fabric composite passenger pvc coated non-woven fabric passenger coated non-woven fabric medical passenger coated non-woven fabric, Oxford cloth passenger coated non-woven fabric wholesale
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