What kind of material is coated non-woven fabric?

by:Sunshine     2020-06-09
What is the material of coated non-woven fabric? How about coated non-woven fabrics? Features of coated non-woven fabrics; The coated non-woven fabric is a new type of fabric with the characteristics of color, smoothness, waterproof and high temperature resistance. Its excellent characteristics are widely used in all aspects of life: environmentally friendly bags, shoes, clothing, jewelry, alcohol, shopping bags, home textiles, and the outer packaging of high-end gifts. Product color variety, shiny and bright, fashion trend! It is the perfect replacement of traditional PU products and has a better sex ratio! Introduction to coated non-woven fabrics are also called coated composite non-woven fabrics. This kind of fabric is a new type of fabric. The so-called coated non-woven fabric is a product formed by coating a layer of plastic film on the non-woven fabric, which is usually coated on the non-woven fabric by high temperature heating into hot melt. Or PP non-woven fabric is added with a layer of PE material; It can also be interpreted as color printing film, which is bonded to non-woven fabrics and is rich in color. The coated composite non-woven fabric has a feel more than the composite non-woven fabric, and the texture of the touch is more realistic than the laser composite non-woven fabric. This is a new variety! Specially made good materials for environmental protection bags! The necessary choice for packaging. There are dozens of patterns in the market, square pattern/tree skin pattern/small hole pattern/needle hole pattern/Rice pattern/mouse pattern/brushed pattern/crocodile pattern/strip pattern/mouth pattern/dot pattern/cross pattern, etc. The characteristics of coated non-woven fabrics the coated non-woven fabrics are made of PP, PE and other materials as waterproof layers, and high-strength non-woven fabrics are used as supporting layers, which are made by coating technology. At the same time, it can give the material color, antibacterial, water absorption and other functions. The material has: 1. Air permeability: it has superior and uniform air permeability, effectively isolates moisture, and discharges heat and moisture. 2. Softness: it has an excellent hand feeling and makes the product more soft and comfortable. 3. Mechanical properties: excellent tensile and extension properties. 4, chemical: not easy to corrode, simple printing, sun-resistant high temperature. 5, waterproof, anti-liquid, breathable, environmental protection and high strength and other characteristics. Main gram weight: 40-220g/m ²Width: 30- 160 composite non-woven fabric is a new packaging material. The non-woven fabric and other fabrics can be combined in various ways, such as coating treatment, hot pressing treatment, glue spraying treatment, ultrasonic treatment, etc. Through composite treatment, two or three layers of fabrics can be combined together to produce products with special functions, such as high strength, high water absorption, high barrier resistance, high static water pressure, etc. Coated composite non-woven fabrics are widely used in medical, health, protection, industry and automobile industry.
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