What material is made of peritoneal non-woven bag?

by:Sunshine     2020-05-30
What material is made of peritoneal non-woven bag? Which peritoneal materials are better? At present, peritoneal non-woven bags are used more frequently on the market, and the materials used are also different and varied. Which peritoneal materials are better? Now producing environmental protection bags ( Ordinary non-woven fabrics, normal and screen printing, normal printing materials using glue printing and dyeing, normal printing of five colors, patterns and effectiveness are mainly another matter. The price is based on the original intention of the component non-woven fabric, one ton or thirteen thousand to four thousand (Goods) The color of red is absolutely cheap, and the price of other fabrics is slightly higher according to the color, which is a normal thin and thick solution, 75 grams to 90 grams per hectare of normal rice width of two or two 1 cm six, slightly more than half, in order to put the word ton width. At present, the raw materials for making environmental protection bags are generally considered suitable and use non-woven fabrics, while screen printing is generally considered suitable. Introduction to peritoneal non-woven bags printing materials are generally considered suitable and printing glue is used. Printing costs are generally five points per color, the pattern is extra large. The price of non-woven fabrics is calculated by weight, slightly between thirteen thousand and four thousand per ton (A goods) There is a relatively cheap white color black color, and other color cloths are slightly more expensive according to the color. The thickness that is generally considered suitable is 75 grams per square meter to 90 grams per square meter, the width is usually one meter two or one meter six, and it is slightly more than half centimeters. If you order tons, you can customize the width. Are you looking for: ultra-fine non-woven fabric passengers cotton non-woven fabric passengers drop plastic non-woven fabric passengers point plastic non-woven fabric passengers spinning needle non-woven fabric passengers
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