What material is used for coated non-woven fabrics? How about coated non-woven fabrics?

by:Sunshine     2020-01-31
What material is used for coated non-woven fabrics? How about coated non-woven fabrics? The most important cause of replacing coated non-woven fabrics is the opposite of their craft, not the difference in material. The material of the coated non-woven fabric may be better than the material of the coated non-woven fabric, or it is consistent, but because there is a big gap in the process, therefore, they have caused a significant opposite in terms of application and general quality. Have you ever learned about the materials used to make coated non-woven fabrics? It is important to continue the coating on the foundation of the non-woven fabric, whether it is coated or coated, in order to strengthen the waterproof and fresh-keeping performance of the non-woven fabric itself. However, from the previous laminating process, the motivation is not obvious, the plastic film and the non-woven fabric will be peeled off very easily, and the waterproof and fresh-keeping effects will be lost, thus greatly reducing the quality of the product. At the beginning of 2013, the film coating process that ended the application was the opposite. This is a skill to melt the plastic and indirectly adhere to the non-woven fabric, which makes the quality of the product lose the guarantee of shortage. This has nothing to do with the material. The material of the film and the film are the opposite. It is basically made of polyethylene. Are you looking: film-coated non-woven fabric composite passenger pp film-coated non-woven fabric film composite non-woven fabric film printing non-woven fabric passenger pvc film Non-woven fabric film medical treatment
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