Which is better, pure paper wallpaper or non-woven wallpaper?

by:Sunshine     2020-01-03
Which is better, pure paper wallpaper or non-woven wallpaper? These two materials have their own advantages :(1) Pure paper wallpaper: it is the most environmentally friendly wallpaper among all kinds of wallpaper materials, with outstanding printing effect, matte, environmental protection, nature, comfort and intimacy; It is made of high-end wallpaper and has a large market share in provincial capitals and economically developed cities. The usage rate of pure paper wallpaper in the world accounts for about 17%; Since the pure paper paste is prone to shrinkage and fine seams after drying, the domestic base paper is relatively prone to this phenomenon, and the imported base paper is less likely to occur. Pure paper wallpaper (2) Non-woven wallpaper: it is currently the most popular, latest and non-glass-free green wallpaper in the world. Features: The main ingredient is plant fiber, which is harmless to human body and environment, easy to recycle and decompose and meets the most stringent standards of global safety performance requirements. Weak surface, silk texture display; Strong air permeability, no mold, anti-mite, anti-static; Good stability, impact resistance, no contraction, no stretching, no deformation, no seams; Good coverage can cover small cracks on the wall. However, due to uneven surface, the printing effect is slightly worse than that of pure paper.
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