Which non-woven fabric factory is good?

by:Sunshine     2020-04-15
Non-woven fabric is a kind of fabric that is directly cut by polymer compounds without textile processing. It has important applications in various industries and is an environmentally friendly fabric product, at present, there are many manufacturers specializing in the research and development and production of non-woven fabrics in the market. Which non-woven fabric factory has good product quality? Come with us to find out! Which non-woven fabric factory is good -? - Mattel is from Qingdao, Shandong province and is in an advantageous competitive position in the non-woven fabric production industry. Besides advanced production equipment, Mattel has also established a quality management system with strict standards, it provides a strong guarantee for product quality and technology. The non-woven products produced by the company have excellent performance and rich categories, and are widely used in home life, advertising and other fields, it is sold in more than 30 provinces, cities and regions across the country and exported to foreign markets. Which non-woven fabric factory is good -? - Jinhua plastic industry comes from Xiongxian county, Hebei Province. The transportation advantage here is remarkable. It is backed by many high-speed and high-speed rail lines and is close to the National Commodity Wholesale City- Baigou, which has a logistics and transportation network all over the country's major cities and regions, provides a natural advantage for the best-selling products. The company's products mainly involve all kinds of environmentally friendly non-woven fabrics, which are widely used in furniture production, bags, environmentally friendly bags, Greening, medical and health industries. Which non-woven fabric factory is good -? - Xinyi non-woven fabric factory is a manufacturer specializing in R & D, production and sales of non-woven fabrics. It has advanced production lines and scientific quality management system, it has created many product series including pp spunbonded non-woven fabrics, hydrophilic non-woven fabrics, anti-aging non-woven fabrics, etc. It is widely used in furniture packaging, environmental protection bags, waterproof coiled materials and other industries, and in the market has won the recognition of the majority of businesses and customers, and has a dominant position in the competition of products in the same industry. Which non-woven fabric factory is good -? - Founded in 2002, nuobang is a modern enterprise in Hangzhou with non-woven technology research and development and product manufacturing as its main business. The company is affiliated to Hangzhou boss Industrial Group and relies on its strong scientific research and production capacity, norbon quickly established complete and advanced production equipment, developed various kinds of non-woven products for environmental protection according to market demand, and solved many problems in non-woven fabric development, there is a broad marketing network in the national market and overseas. The above is a good introduction to the non-woven fabric factory, I hope to help everyone.
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