Why are non-woven bags more and more respected?

by:Sunshine     2020-05-23
It has long been widely used in developed countries. Under the background of this social form, China announced the implementation of regulations restricting the use of plastic bags in June 2008 and September--'Plastic Limit order. And different materials of environmental protection bags, green shopping bags are gradually changing into modern urban residents'New favorite. Environmental protection bags have indeed brought great convenience to our life preservation for a long time in the past. Non-woven bags are quickly used in homes, supermarkets, hospitals, enterprises and institutions due to their advantages of environmental protection, pleasing to the eye, low price and wide range of uses. In China, the environment-friendly non-woven bag has many aspects. As an environment-friendly bag, the non-woven bag also has the characteristics of good toughness, ventilation, waterproof, non-toxic and tasteless. For the trend of contaminated plastic bags, the domestic market prospects are optimistic! Implement' Since the plastic restriction order, it has been difficult for supermarkets to see urban residents carrying things home with a large number of plastic bags. However, the environmental pollution problem caused by the material bag of the molecular compound plastic non-woven bag factory is increasingly prominent, and the non-woven bag is not worthy of it. Compared with traditional plastic handbags, non-woven bags have longer service life and more extensive uses. They can be used as non-woven shopping bags, non-woven advertising bags, non-woven gift bags and non-woven environmental protection bags. Its recycling value is relatively low and it has become obvious white pollution.
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