( Why choose resistance to disease medical non-woven masks? ]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-19
The grim situation of the epidemic prevention and control, and resistance to disease medical non-woven masks become our effective tool to prevent new crown pneumonia. Resistance to disease medical non-woven masks divided into inner, middle and outer three layers, the inner close skin material is qualitative, middle to isolate filter layer, the outer antibacterial layer for special material. Medical nonwoven for tiny virus aerosol or harmful dust filtering can effectively. Next, let's follow the dongyang lai chi take a look at resistance to disease medical non-woven masks have what features. Resistance to disease medical non-woven masks has the following several characteristics: ( 1) Medical non-woven masks breathing small resistance, permeability is strong, wear health and toxic gas barrier be inhaled; ( 2) Medical non-woven masks, lightweight, comfortable, tasteless, and for skin; ( 3) Medical non-woven masks have soft and comfortable adjustable nose clip; ( 4) Medical non-woven masks under prescribed conditions, the product particles in the air filter can be removed; ( 5) Medical non-woven masks can be physical or chemical method of killing or clear the pathogenic microorganisms on the transmission medium, make it harmless; ( 6) Medical non-woven masks also have the function of the dust; Resistance to disease medical non-woven masks, low price, high quality, the user can be at ease use. The present new champions league hasn't completely remove risk of pneumonia, we still need to wear masks to resist the risk of infection. Select high-quality medical non-woven fabric manufacturer, let us more secure, more at ease! Dongyang lai chi environmental protection technology co. , LTD. Is a professional r &d and production for many years, the manufacturer of high quality medical non-woven fabric, seiko quality, fine service, only to provide you with high quality non-woven products.
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