( Why do you say spun-bonded non-woven fabric can make flowers more beautiful? ]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-19
Flower packaging design in our life is an indispensable artificial products. In recent years the development of various packaging products for plant flowers in transportation provides a lot of convenience. Spun-bonded non-woven can be used as the wrapping cloth flowers, and flowers to bring better visual feeling, not only practical but also beautiful, let us together and see it. Spun-bonded non-woven gives a person the sense of flexible, unlike paper fragile, not like the density of the fabric. Soft spun-bonded non-woven fabrics and the branches and leaves of plant a strong contrast, soft in just. Color variety of spun-bonded non-woven, can be more possible with plant collocation, or sweet, or small and pure and fresh. Spun-bonded non-woven fabric due to its light itself, is not easy to shape, but with other wrapping paper, such as plastic tie-in use, add fluffy plump for potted modelling. Flowers are open in the process of transportation, the beauty of the flowers because good flowers PIC to extend the freshness of the flowers. Spun-bonded non-woven stability and good permeability, corrosion resistance, non-toxic characteristics compared with other packing lighter, flowers in the process of transportation is not easy for dehydration and wither. The tailor makes the man horse saddle, green plant also needs careful packaging to enhance the value of it. Both sales and gifts, packing details, add a little will let people shine at the moment. Choose spun-bonded non-woven let your flowers more icing on the cake. Dongyang lai chi environmental protection technology co. , LTD. Has always been committed to medical non-woven fabric, spun-bonded non-woven fabric, elastic non-woven, non-woven products research, development and production. Its production of spun-bonded non-woven products renewable source, recycling and reuse, can no longer worried about health problems. Lai chi can provide customized for clients of various non-woven products needed - Medical non-woven fabric, elastic nonwovens, spun-bonded non-woven fabrics.
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