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Xiantao city, Hubei province: more than 230 non-woven fabric enterprises have outstanding fires

by:Sunshine     2020-01-27
Pengchang town, Xiantao city, is an important town in the non-woven fabric industry, with 110 large-scale enterprises and 120 self-employed households below the scale. Among them, 40 processing workshops are scattered in residents' homes and regional fire hazards are prominent. How to prevent fire in China's largest non-woven fabric industrial zone, the reporter recently conducted a field visit with the Xiantao city fire brigade in Pengchang. Clearing fire has become the norm in the investigation of fire and urging rectification. It has become the norm in Pengchang. Reporters came to the old factory area of Xinfa Plastic Products Co. , Ltd. with fire safety supervision personnel. Hu Jinpu, a full-time fire policeman, said that the company had no warehouses before and the walkways on each floor were full of product containers, the walkway nearly 2 m wide allows only one person to pass. Under the strong supervision of the fire department, the company vacated two workshops on the first floor to make warehouses. Chen Daibing, deputy general manager of the company, said that the electric wires in the workshop used to be bare wires. After rectification, all the electric wires were casing. Hu Jinpu said that the lack of awareness of fire safety is common in more than 230 enterprise workshops in Pengchang town. Since the fire was cleared last year, Xiantao Fire Brigade has stepped up its investigation and rectification efforts. At first, it did not attract the attention of enterprises. Some company bosses once thought it was 'finding fault' and even 'complaining' to city leaders '. Later, after taking pains to do his work, the boss realized the seriousness of the problem and paid more than 700 thousand yuan in one breath to complete the fire fighting facilities. Since the beginning of this year, Hu Jinpu has discovered 1700 fire hazards and urged more than rectifications. He has been to more than 230 non-woven fabric manufacturers in the town at least twice. At 45 Jianshe Main Street, Changming Pengchang town, the alarm bell for thinking about danger in times of peace, it was once a typical 'three-in-one' processing workshop: Production and warehouse on the first floor, people living on the second floor, production, storage and life together. Fire law enforcement officers advised their living personnel to move away. Soon the workshop had a fire and suffered heavy losses. Fortunately, the personnel moved away according to the requirements of the fire supervisor without causing any casualties. The reporter learned about the situation at the time of the workshop, and she was still concerned. Before the investigation, Yan taojiao and her mother-in-law lived on the second floor. After being persuaded by the fire supervisor, they rented a house nearby and escaped. There are more painful lessons. On April 2 last year, a fire broke out in a non-woven fabric processing workshop in group 3, Hefeng village, Pengchang town, killing five people. The fire was caused by human arson, but the cause of death was the rapid spread of poisonous smoke and gas generated by the burning of non-woven materials, which directly led to the death of 5 people. This year, Xiantao fire brigade organized the activity of 'thinking about danger in times of peace and ringing the alarm bell', investigating more than 50 large non-woven enterprises, more than 150 small enterprises and non-woven workshops, sealing up 3, and is currently reviewing and rectifying. Looking for a cure, Xiantao City's non-woven fabric industry is an industrial cluster with an export of over US $ in Hubei province-- For every 10 non-woven round hats and shoe covers exported to the United States, 7 are produced in Pengchang. Hu Jinpu said that non-woven fabrics are oil extension products. Once they catch fire, they will produce flowing fire, which is not easy to extinguish with water and requires a large amount of foam coverage. It is very difficult to put out fire, after the fire, a large amount of poisonous smoke and toxic gas will be produced. In the labor-intensive non-woven fabric production workshop, it is easy to cause group deaths and fire accidents. In view of the importance of the non-woven fabric industry to Xiantao's local economy and the material characteristics of non-woven fabric products, Xiantao fire brigade suggested to Xiantao Municipal Government to establish a non-woven fabric Industrial Park and implement standardized and safe fire control management, completely eradicate this regional fire. Xiantao Municipal government adopted the proposal of the fire brigade. Pengchang town government invested 23 million yuan to build Zhongling Industrial Park, mostly non-woven fabric production enterprises. Reporters saw in Pengchang Zhongling industrial park that these modern factories were built in strict accordance with fire safety requirements and equipped with fire fighting facilities. All walls are made of high-grade fire panels, with large space, smooth walkways and a new look. Zhang Qin, the captain of the Xiantao fire brigade, said that the rectification of regional fires cannot rely solely on the fire department, and the local government needs to make overall plans from the perspective of economic development. (Hubei Daily)
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