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Xiantao non-woven fabric industry: seeking opportunities in danger

by:Sunshine     2020-05-01
Despite the obstruction of foreign trade caused by the financial crisis, Xiantao non-woven fabrics are still difficult to make progress. 252 large-scale enterprises in the city have achieved a sales success of 30% yuan in the adversity of rising wages by about 10% and raw materials by about 15 billion, the realization of the three-year 'three-level jump' has further consolidated its position in the top competitiveness of county industrial clusters in the country. As a new type of environmental protection material, the non-woven fabric is always inseparable from some historical events in recent years. In 2003, SARS was rampant, but Xiantao non-woven fabric industry embarked on a journey; In 2008, the state issued a 'plastic ban order' and Xiantao non-woven fabric industry ushered in the spring of development; 2009 Global A outbreak to peng chang zhen for representative of non-woven industry the sing rapidly quickly occupy the national market share of four and global market share of 1/4. Three major events, at a time when the national and even global reflection environment is deteriorating, the smart Xiantao people seized the opportunity to realize the non-woven fabric into the top competitiveness of the national County industrial clusters, pengchang town is holding back the golden signboard of 'China's non-woven products famous town' and becoming a banner for the economic development of the province and even the entire inland towns in China. There are always two sides of the coins that are blessed. The environmental crisis has brought opportunities and rising costs to the development of new materials. On 2010, just after Xiantao non-woven fabric successfully broke through the yuan mark, with the retreat of a stream, the whole industry had to face the pressure of rising wages and raw materials. Coupled with the continuous spread of the financial crisis, many enterprises had to 'winter' ahead of schedule in 2011 '. The situation is urgent, and Xiantao non-woven fabric industry cluster decided to break through with 'increasing the added value of products. Pengchang town took the lead in merging and eliminating small workshop-style enterprises; For large-scale enterprises, support industrial upgrading. The leaders of the industry such as Xinfa and Yumin have taken the lead in upgrading their files. Among them, Xinfa company invested nearly yuan and added 11 new non-woven fabric production lines. The company's product focus shifted from low-end products to high-end medical sanitary materials such as medical surgical suits and masks, and soon won the initiative in the international market. Last year, the company's annual sales of non-woven products exceeded 0. 4 billion yuan and its annual export was more than 40 million US dollars, ranking among the top three similar enterprises in the country. The opening order was placed in June. The introduction of foreign capital is like a strengthening agent, making industrial clusters more 'strong '. On May, Huatai Group and Zhaoji industry entered, bringing 11. A strong capital injection of 0. 5 billion yuan. Among them, Huatai and Pengchang cooperated to build a non-woven industrial park and a non-woven warehouse logistics exhibition center. Zhaoji industrial built a China non-woven logistics trading center in Pengchang Industrial Park. On December, China Hengtian settled in Pengchang and opened the world's high-end non-woven industry demonstration park. The History of Xiantao's lack of non-woven industry standards promotion center and testing center ended. While the industrial chain continues to move towards the high end, enterprises have also ushered in a valuable awakening in building their own brands, regaining their self-management ability and pricing power. Up to now, 25 large-scale enterprises in the city have successfully realized self-export, which means that Xiantao non-woven fabrics have more voice and pricing power in the world. Entering the year of the Dragon, Xiantao will focus on building Pengchang town as the 'world's non-woven capital '. An industrial cluster that is not afraid of the changes in the world is rising in Xiantao. (Hubei Daily)
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