Yingyang non-spinning high-speed needle punching machine successfully developed

by:Sunshine     2019-12-07
Global Textile network December 25, Jiangsu Yingyang non-woven Machinery Co. , Ltd. 's independent innovative product high-speed needle machine has been successfully developed. At present, the equipment has entered the trial production stage. It is understood that, this product successfully applied the new technology of dynamic balance detection of non-woven machinery double-shaft and single-shaft spindle transmission boxes developed by the company in cooperation with Jiangsu textile machinery engineering research center to dynamic balance detection of spindle transmission boxes of needle machines and vibration analysis and vibration reduction of needle machines, this paper solves the technical problem that the needle machine cannot carry out dynamic balance detection and restricts the increase of needle frequency of the needle machine. It is understood that the speed of the conventional high-speed needle punching machine is 800 times/minute ~ Within the range of 1200 times/minute, the speed of the high-speed needle punching machine developed by Yingyang non-woven Machinery Co. , Ltd. can reach 1800 times/minute, greatly improving the production efficiency and energy saving effect. The equipment can still maintain low vibration and low noise of the machine tool during high-speed operation, and can be used for the production of high-density and high-performance non-woven fabrics, such as felt base cloth, geotextile, synthetic leather base cloth, automobile top felt cloth, filter materials and other products.
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