Yizheng non-woven fabric factory products were exempted from national inspection

by:Sunshine     2020-04-30
The Geotechnical materials of the non-woven fabric factory in Yizheng city, Jiangsu province officially won the title of national exemption product. The factory is a national key geotechnical material manufacturer, from Italy, Germany, Austria and other countries, a complete set of polyester spunbond production lines, staple fiber geotextile and geotechnical composite film production lines with world-class level have been introduced, with an annual production capacity of 6000 tons. The main products are polyester filament geotextile, filament burnt geotextile, staple fiber geotextile, composite geomembrane, PE/EVA/ECB waterproof board, soft permeable pipe, felt base cloth, floor leather base cloth, etc. In recent years, especially with the acceleration of infrastructure construction in developing countries, the global demand for Geotechnical materials is expected to increase. Some countries in Europe, Australia and Africa have many projects using Geotechnical materials, and the globalization trend of Geotechnical materials for strengthening, filtering and draining needs has gradually taken shape. China11th Five-Year Plan' The area of soil erosion prevention and control will reach 25 million hectares. The prevention and control of desertification by Geotechnical materials is under experiment. If it can be broken through, it will be a major new application field. (Gu Chaoying)
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