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Zhenghan non-woven fabric technology environmental protection shoes are favored

by:Sunshine     2020-02-26
Zhang Changchun, chairman of Quanzhou Zhenghan non-woven fabric Technology Co. , Ltd. , said:' With the improvement of people's consciousness, the standard of life will naturally not only stay in the single pursuit of wearing comfort. The technology and environmental protection of products is the main line, which is bound to be the development trend of the future footwear industry. ' According to the Market Development Trend, Zhenghan company began to adjust its product types in 2005, making great efforts to purchase high-end production equipment, absorbing high-quality production and technical personnel, and keeping pace with the times, development of Lixin cloth, non-woven cloth, wool, article bottom, fiberboard, needle-punched cotton, chemical sheet, Hot Melt Adhesive, nylon camper and other non-woven series of environmentally friendly shoe materials. The correct direction of progress and the virtuous cycle of development have continuously strengthened the market competitiveness of Zhenghan company. Domestic first-line brands such as Anta and 361 Special step, Jordan, Ryukyu and other enterprises have cooperated with them. Zhenghan successfully stood out from many peers and stood in the forefront of the industry. (China nonwoven Network)
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