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Fire safety knowledge training


--Quanzhou Sunshine Nonwoven Co., Ltd.

Everyone needs a safe living environment. With a safe living environment, we can better engage in daily life, study, and work. On January 10th, 2019, 

in order to let all staff know more about how to prevent fires, how to respond to fires, and how to escape the fire scene in the correct way. 

We invited fire propagandists from the provincial fire protection center to train staff on fire safety knowledge and fire fighting skills. Fire propaganda 

officers showed us a lot of fire cases. From the cases, they educated people how to rescue themselves and escape in the event of a fire, and how to 

deal with various types of fire in the correct way. Let employees know something that they did not know how to prevent fire and escape.


Everyone learned all kinds of fire self-rescue methods, especially everyone re-acquainted with some new knowledge on fire prevention, especially 4 pieces 

of home fire prevention treasures, small fire extinguishers, escape rope locks, flashlights, smoke masks, etc. After the training, everyone got a deeper 

understanding. A fire propagandist demonstrated how to use it properly.


Regardless of whether it is in the unit or at home, we must take precautions first, take precautions first, and safety comes first.


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