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What is Nonwoven Fabric Table Cloth? Its Uses and Benefits


So you’re seeking information on a nonwoven fabric table cloth! Perhaps, you want table clothes for your hotel. Maybe, you wish to open a wholesale outlet for table clothes and need comprehensive information about the product. No matter the reason, you should be happy to know that many folks look for info on table clothes made out of non woven fabrics. The fact is non woven fabrics are used in various fields and have varied applications. As such, getting a suitable cloth for your desired purpose is never an issue. However, you, as a prudent buyer, should have fresh hand details about the item you want to buy.


What is a nonwoven fabric table cloth?

Essential, it’s a cloth made from a non woven material. Non woven materials are made from staple fibers and long fibers. Such fibers are bonded with each other by means of mechanical, solvent, heat, or chemical treatment. Non woven actually means fabrics that are neither woven nor knitted. In the past few years, items made from non woven materials or geotextiles have gained huge popularity. Let’s assess the varied usage of non woven table clothes and the benefits thereon.


Restaurants and hotels

Most of us might have seen a cloth covering a table in restaurants and hotels. However, very few people pay close attention to the material of those clothes. Many such table covers are made from non-woven materials. These clothes avoid water and other products from seeping to the wooden table beneath the cover. As well as preventing table damage, these clothes ensure speedy cleaning of leftover food products on the cover.



A nonwoven fabric table cloth isn’t limited to hotels and restaurants. You can find these clothes in many households too. Why? Most table covers don’t align with the decor of the house. For instance, certain covers go well with traditional themes, whereas others work well for modern designs. However, buying a suitable table cover aligning with your needs could cost you dearly.

Also, certain themes warrant particular designs that aren’t available in woven or knitted fabrics. Nonwoven table clothes come to the rescue for such situations. No matter whether you need a cloth to match contemporary designs or conventional themes, these clothes go well with all sorts of designs.


Retail stores

Any retail store has to work hard to steer customers. Also, they’ve to present their items effectively in the best possible manner. Putting sample pieces on a table is one easy way to grab user attention. However, just putting the item on a table won’t help out. You need to attract the user with the overall visual appeal. Ideally, you’ve to place the items on well-designed table covers.

A nonwoven fabric table cloth serves this purpose efficiently. Whether you want to promote small items or big products, table covers made from non woven materials do the needful. As well as protecting the table from the weight of the product, these covers tweak the product intriguingly. Users get driven to such presentations. If the product is worth the use, you could make quick sales.


Business meetings

The modern business is highly competitive. You’ve to take it to the chin to grab clients and customers. This is more so in the case of B2B clients. Such clients are very particular about professionalism when considering any proposal. To win such highly-educated customers, you should demonstrate your professionalism and present your items properly. Also, you should show due respect to your clients.

A nonwoven fabric table cloth can help you accomplish all these goals. First of all, a non woven cloth gives a smooth and silky feeling like a woven fabric. Plus, the cloth will add to the beauty of the product with its amazing looks. Most importantly, humans love non woven material for their curb appeal and make. By placing these table clothes below your products and/or on serving tables, you may motivate a neutral or undecided customer to make a decision in your favor.


Why buy a nonwoven fabric table cloth?

At this point, you know a bit about non woven fabric clothes. Now you’d want to know the perks of using non woven clothes over other options. Here’s a list of the important benefits that might help you make an educated decision.



Woven and knitted fabrics wear out quickly. Weather conditions and usage easily damage such fabrics no matter how well they’re made. You’ve to replace the fabric cloth every once in a while. That can interrupt your product display tenures constantly. Non woven clothes, on the other hand, are highly durable.

They’re bonded through chemical and heat treatment to render extra longevity. As a result, weather and other elements barely affect such clothes. Once bought, you may use non woven clothes for years without needing a replacement.



Usually, fabric clothes aren’t backed by any warranty. In case the cloth wears out quickly, you don’t have any way to seek a replacement. All you’ve to do is dump the damaged cloth and buy another one. However, non woven clothes from a reliable manufacturer are backed by a solid warranty. If anything turns out within the warranty period, you can contact the manufacturer for material or workmanship defects and seek a replacement.



Buying fabric table clothes can be a price affair. Your budget may pile up quickly if you need multiple clothes for your store or office. A slim budget can keep you from owning a quality cloth. Non woven clothes resolve the cost factor. These clothes are available at a relatively lower price. Without burning your budget, you can own top-class clothes for your desired purposes. Also, the longevity of these clothes makes them a cost-effective choice.


Bottom line

The above discussion indicates why a nonwoven fabric table cloth is a better choice for any purpose. Wide usage, durability, affordability, and warranty are the main reasons that make a nonwoven cloth a clear winner over other table clothes. Just be sure you turn to a reliable manufacturer for your needs to make the best out of your money.

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