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4 reasons why meltblown shines in medical non-woven fabrics

by:Sunshine     2021-03-03
Author: Date: 2020-01-08 07:43:47 Hits: 243 health care industry to find a niche product processors may wish to consider the possible production of non-woven fabric manufacturers to meltblown products. There are many reasons why meltblown products have become medical non-woven solutions, including: Dual texture function. Meltblown wipes can be manufactured with a rough side and a smooth side for industrial cleaning. In many healthcare environments, this is especially important for removing dry particles to improve disinfection. Small diameter. Thin fibers with less than 0.1 denier per filament are useful in environments where there is a real concern about spreading infection. High safety shell removal efficiency. Since the continuously extruded fibers can be woven tightly, the chance of removing contaminants from the meltblown product is very high, and the efficiency rating is close to 100%. Higher production capacity. In short, the greater the production capacity, the lower the final manufacturing cost. With the advancement of technology and the increasing demand for disposable high-quality medical non-woven fabrics, meltblown products have grown in the market. It is important not only to understand how meltblown products can help the medical nonwoven market, but also to explore other end uses of meltblown products. Related tags: Previous: Reaching every man, woman and child: Nonwovens in consumer products
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