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6 major steps to easily get non-woven wallpaper paving

by:Sunshine     2020-05-09
There are many types of styles available in home improvement, but there are still many similar decoration styles between relatives and friends. Therefore, some people are not satisfied with this and want to be unique. So the best solution is to make wallpaper a highlight of your home. The effect of wallpaper decoration is good, in addition to choosing beautiful patterns, but also pay special attention to its paving effect, the following small series to teach you how to paste non-woven wallpaper. 1. Cut the wallpaper, set the wallpaper according to the serial number of the wallpaper, measure the height of the wall, and set aside 5 centimeters for cutting the wallpaper according to the height of the wall. Remember to cut a roll of wallpaper at a time, to prevent quality problems. 2, wall surface treatment wall surface requirements are flat, clean, dry, uniform color, should have no gaps, convex and concave unequal defects, the wall surface should be brushed before construction (Or varnish)Processing. 3, brush wallpaper glue stickers non-woven wallpaper glue must be evenly brushed on the wall, the thickness is 2mm, must not directly brush the glue on the back of the non-woven fabric, not to soak in water wet stickers. Unlike other wallpapers, non-woven fabrics should be thicker and thicker than other wallpapers to reduce their fluidity. 4. The wallpaper is posted in the order of prior comparison. 5, construction wallpaper cutting, need to be laid on the construction, the specific method is to build the edge during construction, the number of edges depends on the pattern, about 3 centimeters, the plain non-woven fabric is constructed by the method of positive and negative sticking during construction. After ensuring the pattern alignment, the flower type is pressed with a ruler at the overlap to cut and try to avoid cutting at the Yang angle, in order to avoid causing the wallpaper to be tilted at the Yangjiao, make sure that the knife is sharp and free from burrs when cutting, and pay attention to the strength of the knife at the same time, and make sure that it is cut once and cut across the board, but it is not too much to hurt the surface of the wall. 6. Clean the wall paper after pasting. If there is dust on the surface after construction, use a short brush or a razor clam to gently brush it. Do not wipe it with a wet towel to cause pollution to expand.
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