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Bailong non-woven fabric: high-quality products seamlessly connect high-end customers

by:Sunshine     2020-01-15
Fujian Jinjiang Bailong sanitary Materials Co. , Ltd. was established in 2012. It introduces a full set of advanced staple fiber non-woven fabric production lines, selects high-quality ES composite fibers, and specializes in producing high-quality hot air and hot rolled non-woven fabrics. The products are used in the fields of sanitary products, etc. , and are produced by special composite fibers, which fully meet the national requirements, without any stimulation, and will not cause allergies to the human body. After more than a year of adaptation and adjustment, a relatively complete production process and quality control system have been established. Providing customers with mid-range and above products is the positioning of Bailong. At present, it has reached long-term cooperation with many well-known enterprises such as Hengan, Yuanda and Tianzhu. 'Providing high-quality products to brand customers is the pursuit of Bailong company, so the company positions its products above the mid-range. Huang Ziliang, general manager of the company, said that when he entered the industry two years ago, long-fiber products appeared on the market, however, considering the softness, fluffiness, water permeability and uniformity of staple fiber, it is more suitable for the tonality of some brands pursuing quality, so a production equipment for staple fiber has been introduced, after more than a year of running-in the market, production and operation have been on track, and preparations for expansion have begun. It is reported that the company's second production line is already under negotiation and will be introduced in the second half of the year if there is no accident. 'The quality of the products actually depends on the production line of the enterprise. If there is a hole in the non-woven fabric, it will cause the polymer and wood pulp to leak out. All, the advantages and disadvantages of non-woven products will directly affect the product quality of sanitary products enterprises such as downstream diapers, and excellent equipment will effectively reduce the occurrence of this kind of situation. In order to ensure better quality, more stable and more efficient production efficiency, the machine equipment will be imported from Taiwan and cost more than 6 million yuan. Huang Ziliang told reporters that the company's annual output is currently around 1000 tons. According to the development plan, there is still room for improvement. In addition, the newly introduced equipment will be more intelligent, and in addition to good off-board performance, Labor will be more economical. In order to practice the positioning of medium and high grade, Bailong company has strictly screened raw material suppliers, and its selection criteria for suppliers are consistent with those of domestic first-line brands, strict sampling inspection was carried out before the raw materials got off the bus, and only qualified products will enter production. In addition, the control of the weight and width of the product also has multiple checks, and the quality of the product exceeds the industry standard. In Huang Ziliang's view, as a supplier of intermediate links, quality and service must be equal. Therefore, the company specializes in sending salesmen to track customers to ensure that problems in product performance and customer needs are quickly and correctly addressed to achieve seamless cooperation. In order to prepare for the next expansion and more standardized development, Bailong's staff dormitory building is ready to be built, which will accommodate the number of employees of 3 lines and 2 classes. 'Excellent employees are the company's valuable wealth. Only when they think more about employees can they do a good job in the enterprise. 'Huang Ziliang said. According to reports, Bailong company mainly produces hot air non-woven fabrics, hot rolled non-woven fabrics, whitening non-woven fabrics, guide non-woven fabrics and various specifications of non-woven fabrics, mainly used for sanitary napkins, diapers, pads, diapers and other sanitary products. Quotations from the boss: non-woven fabrics are widely used, involving almost all walks of life and using a large amount of materials. At present, they are the fastest growing industry in China and even in the world, which can be called Chaoyang industry. However, the competition in the industry is also fierce, and the speed of product upgrading is also fast. In the past two years, long fibers have been used a lot in terms of sanitary products. Therefore, enterprises should pay special attention to product innovation. Only innovation can make profits and have a place in the market competition. Bailong company is also considering cooperating with some scientific research institutions to carry out research and development of new products. Only innovation is the inexhaustible motive force for Enterprise Development. In the future, the company will launch new products one after another.
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