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Bangjie shares: seamless textile leader with rapid expansion of production capacity

by:Sunshine     2020-03-01
Bangjie Co. , Ltd. is the fourth largest seamless garment company in the world and the second largest in China. It mainly provides seamless garment development, design and manufacturing services to customers around the world in ODM/OEM mode. At present, the company has 360 Santoni seamless knitting equipment, with a production capacity of 26 million pieces in 2011 and a sales revenue. 8. 5 billion yuan, second only to Meibang textile in China (With 460 seamless knitting equipment)Seamless garment manufacturing company. Bangjie shares are located in Yiwu industrial cluster and have strong location advantages. Yiwu is China's largest seamless knitting industry cluster. By the end of 2010, Yiwu had more than 7,700 seamless knitting equipment, accounting for about 34% of the global total. Located in Yiwu Bangjie shares not only have the advantages of priority procurement of raw materials and flexibility of external production capacity, but also provide conditions for horizontal mergers and acquisitions of the company's scale. In the process of undertaking the transfer of seamless knitting industry in the world, China has strong competitiveness. Compared with Southeast Asia, which has great advantages in labor costs, China's textile industry has a higher overall quality and more complete supporting facilities, becoming the backbone of the seamless textile industry transfer. Since 2005, China's seamless knitting technology has developed rapidly, undertaking some production capacity of Israel and Italy and becoming one of the global seamless garment manufacturing bases. Bangjie shares have entered the track of rapid growth in capacity-driven performance. In the seamless clothing industry, increasing production capacity is mainly through new fixed asset investments (Mainly for machinery and equipment)The form of implementation. The 122 seamless knitting equipment invested since 2008 and 200 of the projects raised have prompted the company to enter a rapid growth track of performance since 2010.
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