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Be careful that the environmentally friendly shopping non-woven bag hides deadly bacteria

by:Sunshine     2020-04-22
Experts suggest that at least once a week, recyclable shopping bags are popular for environmental protection. According to a report by the British Daily Telegraph on June 30, a new study shows that, this shopping bag may contain deadly bacteria that pose a serious threat to public health. Charles Guba, a medical expert at the University of Arizona in the United States, randomly selected 84 shopper's shopping bags and found that half of the bags contained E. Coli, the virus killed 26 Scottish people in 1996. Scientists also found that most bags contain salmonella, especially after raw meat food is loaded. Researchers have found that most of these shopping bags are made of flax and polypropylene fabrics. Although they are green and environmentally friendly, they will be contaminated with bacteria if they are not regularly sterilized at high temperatures. The study also shows that the hotter the climate, the greater the threat of this pollution to human health. Because when people take food contaminated by E. Coli, this kind of bacteria will enter the human body. It poses a fatal threat to children and the elderly. A poll also showed that 97% of shoppers never cleaned or disinfected their shopping bags. Researchers believe that consumers usually do not have the idea of cleaning shopping bags regularly. In addition, ordinary cleaning does not kill germs. Experts suggest that people should disinfect shopping bags at least once a week at high temperature, such as boiling water for 10- In 15 minutes, this can completely kill pathogenic bacteria. 【Global Textile Information mobile phone client download]
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