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Bilia pioneered the composite technology of chemical fiber cloth and non-woven fabric in China

by:Sunshine     2020-04-24
Yesterday, the reporter walked into the biliya wall covering company located in Binhai Industrial Zone. In one workshop, the workers were producing wall covering at full power, while in another production workshop, the workers were debugging the newly installed assembly line equipment. In May 2011, 'bilia' pioneered the composite technology of chemical fiber cloth and non-woven fabric in the country, creating seamless environmental protection wall cloth and setting off a revolution in the production of traditional wallpaper Wall cloth. Recently, the company has invested in adding a second production line. After it is put into production, the company's daily output can reach more than 20 thousand square meters. 'Now we have more than 800 sales outlets, up 1/3 from last year. According to the person in charge of the company, the market sales of environmentally-friendly seamless wall fabrics have grown rapidly. In order to expand the market as soon as possible, the company has created a second brand while increasing its outlets to increase market share. According to reports, many dealers are now negotiating sales cooperation with the company. The composite technology of composite fiber cloth as fabric and non-woven fabric as Bottom, which are combined into decorative wall covering, is still leading in the domestic wall covering industry. For the next step of the company's development, 'bi Liya' is full of confidence. Their goal is to master more industry voices, occupy more markets at home and abroad, and become the leading brand in the industry. As an emerging industry, the seamless wall covering industry, in order to enhance industry self-discipline, the company has authorized the China Home Improvement Building Materials Association to prepare for the establishment of the China seamless environmental protection wall covering professional committee, which will be established in next January. At the same time, the company is drafting industry standards and is expected to become an industry drafting unit after being approved by relevant State departments. 'With self-discipline, the whole industry can develop healthily and continuously. The person in charge of the company introduced that in the next step, on the basis of the three national patents of seamless wall cloth and flame retardant non-woven seamless environmental wallpaper patents, they will increase the introduction of talents, strengthen product research and development and market guidance and development to expand the seamless wall covering industry.
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