Cross non woven fabric/ Cambrella Fabric

Biological antibacterial non-woven fabric

by:Sunshine     2020-01-17
Application (Patent) ,: CN201120124766. 2 Application date: 2011. 04. 26 open (Announcement) No. : cn2062729u public (Announcement)Date: 2011. 12. 07 main classification number: B32B9/04 (2006. 01) I category classification: Classification Number: B32B9/04 (2006. 01)I; B32B7/12 (2006. 01)I application (Patent right) Person: Invention of Institute of Health equipment, military medical academy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (Design)Person: Lin song; Yang Jingquan; Hao Limei; Tian Tao; Wu Jinhui; Yu Jiancheng address: 300161 No. 106 Wandong Road, Hedong District, Tianjin, national and provincial code: Tianjin; 12 priority: patent agency: Tianjin Sanli Patent and Trademark Agency Co. , Ltd. 12107 agent: Yan Junfen, abstract: the utility model discloses a non-woven fabric material that uses bio-peptide antibacterial agents to give antibacterial performance through one-step process. The utility model of bio-antibacterial non-woven fabric, the non-woven fabric substrate is attached to the bio-peptide antibacterial layer through the coated adhesive layer. The utility model has good antibacterial effect, long-lasting time, convenient preparation and low cost, it can also be widely used in disposable protective clothing, surgical gowns, dressings needed in hospitals and laboratories, as well as antibacterial functional layers for sanitary protective products such as masks and underwear needed in daily life. (China Intellectual Property Network)
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