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Brief introduction of Hefei purr fulaikang non-woven fabric industrial park project

by:Sunshine     2020-04-26
Global Textile network, October 21-Hefei plde fulaikang non-woven Industrial Park project is invested and constructed by Hong Kong plde company, with a total investment of 0. 2 billion yuan, a registered capital of 10 million US dollars and a planned total investment of 30 million US dollars within five years. The planned land for the first phase is about 197 square meters. 6 mu, the total land area of the project is 500 mu. It is located to the east of Xinghuo Road, south of Weijiu Road and north of high voltage line North Road in the comprehensive development test area of the new station. The project started construction last year and is planned to last for five years and will be completed by 2010. According to the actual needs of its rapid development, Hong Kong Pride strives to build the project into China's largest non-woven fabric industry production base. The project introduces non-woven high-tech enterprises into the park to produce cutting-edge products in the non-woven industry. By then, the entire industrial park will form a non-woven industrial park with an output value of more than 0. 1 billion US dollars and more than 10000 employees. 'Purde non-woven fabric Industrial Park' The production of non-woven fabric raw materials, deep processing of non-woven fabric products and auxiliary production are combined and managed in a unified way to form a complete production chain of non-woven fabric industry, resulting in scale effect, thus becoming bigger and stronger. Non-woven fabrics are widely used in many fields, mainly in industries, medical care, home, construction, ecology, packaging, geotechnical, transportation, protection, farmland and sporting goods. In all kinds of applications, the main markets for immediate use are industrial rags and medical and health materials, while the main markets for durability are industrial use, home decoration, carpet base cloth and geotechnical cloth. Non-woven fabrics are environmentally friendly products. The biggest advantage of non-woven materials is'Flexible Production' That is, according to the performance of the final product, the selection of the process route and the design of the processing technology can be scientifically carried out, and the most effective and effective use of resources can be used to produce products that meet the final use, it can minimize the cost of limited resources. Moreover, non-woven fabrics can be naturally degraded by sunshine, avoiding environmental pollution. Hefei Pulde fulaikang non-woven fabric Industrial Park is a foreign-funded project. Its stay will have positive significance for the sustainable development of our district. The project strives to start production in 2006, with an output value of about 15 million US dollars and about 1000 jobs; The second phase will strive to be completed by 2008, with an output value of more than 50 million US dollars and 3000 jobs; It is expected that all project construction will be completed by the end of 2010, when the entire industrial park will have an output value of more than 0. 1 billion US dollars and more than 10000 employees will be employed, thus becoming China's largest modern non-woven fabric production base.
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