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Daddy baby raises 0. 1 billion to expand diaper production capacity to benefit from second child policy

by:Sunshine     2020-01-21
A few days ago, the innovative enterprise Daddy baby announced that it plans to use 3. 9- The price of 5 yuan is set to increase by about 25. 64 million shares, raising about 0. 1 billion yuan. It is worth noting that Daddy baby also announced the necessity and feasibility analysis of this increase. This responds to the recent letter approval requirements of the stock transfer system for the feasibility of fixed increase. Daddy baby said it was necessary for the company to reduce the asset-liability ratio, reduce financial costs and increase market investment to obtain the development dividend of the second child policy through equity financing. It is understood that the quality of baby products has been comparable to that of international first-line brands, and there are a large number of blank sales areas that have not yet entered; At the same time, cartoons customized for the company's brand began to be broadcast in various media, and the company needed to carry out supporting marketing investment; In addition, the company's new factory will soon be put into production, and the company's capacity bottleneck will be broken through in recent years. Daddy baby specializes in the research, development, production and sales of primary sanitary products such as diapers. The main products include baby diapers (Film) Adult diapers, which have 'Daddy Baby', 'Mommy Angel' and 'Kang Lang' and other brands. Financial data show that Daddy baby's revenue in 2015 was 4. 9. 1 billion yuan, net profit of 965. 920 thousand yuan. By the end of 2015, the company's assets totaled 5. 5. 7 billion yuan, net assets 1. 2. 6 billion yuan.
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