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Deep processing of terminal products drives non-woven fabric sales

by:Sunshine     2019-12-27
Global Textile network October 19, these days, Yuewang Holding Group is rushing to install a spunlaced non-woven fabric production line just imported from Germany, is expected to be put into production before the end of the year. At that time, the production capacity of enterprises will jump to the top five of similar enterprises in the country. Yuewang holding group was originally a textile-based enterprise. In recent years, due to fierce competition in the textile industry, the company's decision-making level has decided to take the road of transformation, upgrading and extension of the industrial chain through various investigations. Starting from 2006, the company has invested 2. At 0. 5 billion yuan, four spunlaced non-woven fabric production lines were introduced from France and Germany, forming an annual production capacity of 20 thousand tons of non-woven fabrics, with annual sales reaching 0. 6 billion yuan. Since last year, despite the impact of the financial crisis, non-woven fabric sales are still in short supply. In a market research, Gao Haigen, chairman of the group, found that the terminal products such as universal cleaning cloth, wet tissue paper, medical mask and medical surgical bag made of non-woven fabrics have great market demand, and the benefits and development prospects are good, at the end of last year, it invested 10 million yuan and introduced four non-woven deep processing lines to produce terminal products such as universal cleaning cloth, wet tissue paper, medical mask and medical surgical bag. Once the product is launched, it is welcomed by the market. ' The financial crisis is a severe test for enterprises. We have focused on product transformation, lengthening the industrial chain and carrying out deep processing of products. At present, we have achieved initial results, greatly increased added value and kept orders for products, the company has improved its efficiency and made a new road. 'Gao Haigen said happily. The hot sale of non-woven fabric terminal products has also driven the sales of non-woven fabrics. The company has invested another 60 million yuan this year to introduce another spunlaced non-woven fabric production line from Germany. ' In the future, we will further accelerate the pace of investment and seize New Market Heights. 'Gao Haigen is full of ambition.
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